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TheTSP Solver is an educational app for anyone interested in travelling salesman problems, genetic programming and maths in general. The app will create a TSP and then by using randomization algorithms that build on the previous generation of solutions will improve the solution to the problem. You can use the app to look at how the algorithms evolve, or find the best combination of algorithms to solve a particular TSP.


The PID-app is a very simple implementation of a PID regulator. It controls a tank and the user can set the P, I, D components to see how the regulator reacts.


"Lillebror lär sig läsa" is an app in Swedish for kids age 2-4 when they are just starting to learn letters and reading. It is an interactive picture book where the kid can point on letters to hear what they sound like, and also to hear the simple words read out.


Decision support and analytics for



The TSP Genetic Algorithm App for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

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